Guitar Backing Track Software For Improvisation Practice

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Per week there are actually lots of new guitar training products starting industry. While the majority are re-hashes and 2nd rate wanabees, many are the truth is useful and worthwhile. A good indicator which of them are better is high user acceptance in conjunction with low refund rates. Family members newcomer inside the guitar backing track software category named "Jam Amigo" is meeting that criteria which is looking positive... - Free eBook

This useful product is the brainchild of application developer and seasoned guitar veteran "Guillermo Carbonell". And what"jam amigo" does so well as to rapidly grow its group of followers would it be allows you to set up easily customizable guitar backing track loops on your iPhone. This native practical application is not in short supply of spectacular.

Three distinctive features set "jam amigo" aside from their nearest competition. These 3 unique features would be the selection of music styles available, the changeable scales and the full-blown sound of a real backup band.. Let's discuss these characteristics, in turn.

The Jam Amigo iPhone application covers many types of guitar playing, from blues to jazz to metal plus more.

Each song contains different sections that allow you practice your lead playing with different scales and modes

Each one of these tracks come with authentic instrument sounds - this doesn't happen sound in any respect like a cheap midi track.

To the negative side, the primary downside of the "jam amigo" setup could it be only contains 12 songs for now, when you first intend applying this application for the iPhone, you'd wish the developer provided more tracks at the moment. The software seems to be receiving a large amount of rave reviews currently so perhaps there'll be plans sooner permit customers upgrade or buy more backing tracks.

Summarizing, the "Jam Amigo" is a superb product, just brimming with excellent features. It provides a fast-growing new group of fans. If you are really interested in building your chops and having a greater comprehension of scales, modes and guitar improvisation, it can be worth having a closer view it, maybe try it out. Your guitar software program is a relatively inexpensive option for a novice to intermediate-level musician and also helps optimize your playing immensely. - Free eBook